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Updated: May 26, 2022

A number of years ago while picking Harvest Tables in Central PA the water pump went up on my van. It was a holiday weekend and there was no service available. Happily I was visiting with friends who were very gracious hosts and put me up for five nights while I waited to have the van repaired. Cindi and Frank kept me busy during my visit. Saturday there were yard sales were I picked another Harvest Table. Sunday we went to an annual Antique Show and a picnic at Cindi’s brother’s with great food and fireworks. Sunday night Cindi asked, “Robert… you wanna go to an auction tomorrow?”. So Frank and I took off early Monday morning to preview. It was a good auction. I acquired another Harvest table. And when Cindi arrived we sat under a Big Top Tent and took turns bidding on quilts. We each had stacks about four feet tall. As I was stuffing them into Cindi’s and Frank‘s van I asked myself what am I going to do with these quilts besides use them as furniture blankets. I came home laid them out on my bed and designed, cut and sewed them into Jumpers. At the end of September I drove to Round Top Texas to do a show at BarW and sold all of the Quilt Jumpers. I’ve been buying, designing, cutting, sewing and selling, Quilt Jumpers, Coats and Bucket Hats ever since.

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